First Change for 2014, new media hosting with Libsyn!

Libsyn logoHappy New Year!

Just a quick ‘behind the scenes at Virtual Pizza’ post to let you know that the first of many changes for 2014 has taken place.  I’ve moved my media hosting from Podbean to Libsyn.

It wasn’t something that I undertook lightly, but as I’ve been delving into the more technical side of podcasting and internet broadcasting, it became the obvious answer.

The benefits of this move are that

  1. I’ll finally have control over my RSS feed.  If something was to happen to Podbean I’d have had very little flexibility in setting up my feed and shows elsewhere quickly.
  2. Much more detailed statistics
  3. Amazing customer service and support
  4. And finally, well let’s just leave that for a surprise!

Have been so impressed with Libsyn so far, and whilst the transition has not been completely smooth, the response time from customer support (and senior directors!) has been superb. It is slightly more expensive than Podbean, but from what I’ve seen so far, it’s been worth it.  They even have their own regular podcast, The Feed, which covers podcasting news, recommendations, tips and developments/news within the Libsyn solution.

The move involved migrating old episodes from Podbean into Libsyn, about 50% of which had to be done manually. Fortunately, it’s still early days in the number of episodes that Virtual Pizza has released – I’d hate to think how painful it could have been 100 shows down the road.

There are other hosts, Blubrry was recommended to me also.  They have a fantastic WordPress plugin called Powerpress that allows you to publish podcasts from your site, and some great statistics.  But it was the customer service that won me over for Libsyn.

A word of advice for anyone thinking of starting a podcast – make sure you do your research!  Check out shows like The Audacity to Podcast and School of Podcasting, both of which I wish I’d found prior to starting!

Exciting times ahead!  More news soon!


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