Let’s Rank The Avengers’ Costumes!

Captain America: Civil War will be here before we know it, and already there’s a lot of excitement about how some of the many Avengers to be featured in the film will look. In particular, people are very curious about the costume the new Peter Parker (Tom Holland) will take up as Spider-Man, with the prevailing theory being that Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) will fashion the so-called “Iron Spider” suit for him, as suggested by Comicbook.

What’s your favourite Avenger costume?

But there are many more Avengers than just the new Spider-Man to look forward to. Counting the members of the Civil War “teams” as they were outlined by IGN, there are 12 main characters at this point. And that number jumps up to 14 once you factor in Thor and Hulk, neither of whom is expected to appear in Civil War. So without further ado, let’s rank the superhero looks of these 14 primary Avengers.

14. Spider-Man

The Iron Spider suit could be great, and Spider-Man typically has a pretty cool outfit—but until we actually see the new version, it’s unfair to rank him any higher.

13. Sharon Carter

It’s not really her fault—she’s more agent than superhero—but Sharon Carter’s current cinematic costume is basically a pantsuit. If she dons the sleek white tights of the comics, she might be bumped up a few spots, because oddly enough white is pretty unique for a superhero costume.

12. Hawkeye

It’s nice that not every Avenger has to have a flashy outfit, but Hawkeye’s is just bland.

11. Ant-Man

The concept of Ant-Man’s suit is incredibly cool, because its shrinking ability basically gives the character all his powers. Look back at that roster of Civil War teams and you’ll realise you probably missed him at first glance (he’s on Hawkeye’s shoulder). Furthermore, the tininess of Ant-Man in costume contributes to one of the best Marvel theories out there: that, as explained by Huffington Post, the character has actually been in all the Marvel films so far, but he was too small to be noticed. If anyone acknowledges that to be true, Ant-Man will jump to the top of the list of coolest Avengers.

But the costume itself kind of looks like what a little kid would draw if you told him to make up a superhero. It’s a dumbed-down Iron Man suit with a goofy alien mask. Sure, the silliness of it suits the lighter tone of the character and the Ant-Man film, but it’s a little bit of a whiff purely as an outfit.

10. Hulk

It’s hard not to love the shredded purple pants look, but then again it’s really not much of a uniform…

9. Black Panther

Until recently, our best hint at Black Panther’s outfit in Civil War (he’ll be appearing for the first time, played by Chadwick Boseman) was how he looks in a few recent Marvel games, which tend to foreshadow film content. In the Marvel Contest Of Champions app, he’s pretty much in an all-black, Batman-esque suit with some gold bits here and there. From the Civil War trailers, it looks as if this will pretty much be the case in the film too, with silver replacing gold. It’s kind of a great look, but like Spider-Man, he can’t go any higher until we actually see it.

8. Captain America

It’s iconic, sure, and the shield goes a long way. But when you take a step back and consider it, Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and comics alike looks like a failed idea for a G.I. Joe-type action figure. Plus, the helmet/mask is so awful they’ve all but stopped showing Chris Evans wearing it.

7. Falcon

It’s a little bit cheesy, but it’s also somewhat-admirable that Marvel designed Anthony Mackie’s Falcon costume to look about as realistic as it could. A military suit that allows a soldier to fly or glide with actual wings is kind of a hard sell, but it’s surprisingly believable when this thing snaps into action in the films.

6. Winter Soldier

It’s kind of bland and straightforward, but that bionic arm goes a long way to add some subtle appeal to this character’s look.

5. Black Widow

The idea that the only legitimate female hero in the MCU pretty much wears a skintight black suit doesn’t make the greatest statement. But considering the character’s name, and the fact that Scarlett Johansson wears the hell out of this suit, it works pretty well. Johansson’s whirling limbs dressed all in black genuinely give the appearance of a human-sized spider devouring prey.

4. The Vision

The infinity stone on the forehead makes The Vision look the littlest bit cheesy, but all things considered this character’s appearance in Avengers: Age Of Ultron marked an achievement in costume design. Paul Bettany is fused into cyborg-esque figure in a strangely believable fashion, and the understated red-and-green look with a yellow cape that moves like liquid all work well.

3. War Machine

As with Black Panther, our best glimpse at the modern War Machine was through gaming. As seen on Betfair’s online casino, the character is shown next to Iron Man in rugged, dark metal with a massive gun on his shoulder. Within the games, the character’s suit’s firepower is shown off, and even when we first got a glimpse of War Machine in Iron Man 2, he didn’t quite match the image (he was sort of just a silvery Iron Man). But once the suit got fully loaded with Hammer Tech weapons, we got what’s basically a tank version of Iron Man, and it’s been a lot of fun to look at on the big screen.

2. Thor

Thor’s costume is utterly ridiculous. It kind of looks like someone was making up a medieval Superman. But isn’t the whole point of the Thor branch of the MCU comic relief? It’s actually kind of a remarkable outfit. In the context of Asgard and alongside his own people, Thor looks comically overdressed in an absurdly regal outfit; but when he’s getting bloodied up in battle, the suit’s medieval, armour-like nature shines.

1. Iron Man

It’s just hard to beat the suit that’s become the core of the MCU from a visual standpoint. Slight tweaks in colour and energy display make no difference: Iron Man is always the coolest-looking hero on screen.

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